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"Frank and Chris G. have been awesome and have provided excellent customer service and development help/ideas to Chris O. They made our issues their own and did whatever was necessary to assist. It is a comfort knowing that kind of expertise and help is just a phone call (or car ride) away."

-Debbie Bigelow, Logistics Plus

Learn about the web software and application configured by DNS.


"I will have to say Wendy, you are excellent!! I'm not used to this customer service. You could probably take the whole year off and you still would be better than Verizon."

-Jeff Hicks, Paramount Ticket


“Quite honestly of all the booking software that I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot of them, what DNS put together was more thorough than any of the others that I’ve evaluated.”

-Jeff Esposito, The Bayfront Convention Center

 Learn more about the Booking Software, including screen shots of the enhanced solution.


"Without Frank and DNS our implementation would of been a disaster, the process was smooth and effectively done, DNS certainly earned their stripes."

-Chad Sayban, All-American Hose

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