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Building the Path to Better Profits

Manufacturing is still a major engine in today’s economy. The fundamental success factors in this industry remain constant: produce the right products — in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality, and at a price the customer is willing to pay

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Accelerating Business Performance

In today’s competitive environment, the smooth flow of information across the enterprise is essential for driving your business succesforward successfully. Making good decisions based on information you can trust is key to delivering quality on shorter lead times while increasing your profitability.

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Complicated Software

Change is the one constant in business today. Corporations find themselves continually prioritizing software investments with changing business demands. The technical nature of software development often times makes it difficult for decision makers to understand the software life cycle.

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View  the white papers below composed by Economist Intelligence Unit to learn more about the Software Indsutry and the role it can serve in ehnancing your business.


Enhancing Productivity through the Better Use of Information

Sales professionals create value by transforming their company’s raw product or service into a tailored solution for a customer’s needs. In a setting where customers have access to an unprecedented amount of product information, this is an increasingly challenging task. To thrive in this environment, companies need to understand the needs of their customers and to discover new ways of engaging with them.(Economist Intelligence Unit. The empowered sales team: Enhancing productivty through the better use of information. Economist Intelligence Unit, 2010. 1-17. Pdf.)

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The Role of Information in Enhancing Customer Service

Customer service professionals play a critical role in most companies because they are the people customers are most often in contact with, especially when problems arise. In today’s unsettled market environment, the ability to build a deep understanding of evolving customer needs and expectations can make a competitive difference.(Economist Intelligence Unit. On the front lines: The role of information in enhancing customer service. Economist Intelligence Unit, 2010. 1-15. Pdf.)

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