There’s a lot of discussion around applications or apps, a large majority of the existing apps are typically for consumers. They’re not necessarily for businesses to use, so in the next few years the technology that’s used to create these commercialized apps will be transferred to the manufacturers. For example if I have large equipment that I manufacture and sell, I can now in addition to selling my customer that large piece of equipment , I can give them an application that allows them from their smart device to monitor that large piece of equipment. So now there will be apps for equipment, there will be apps for all types of manufacturing processes. I’d like to know what the inventory is today for my manufacturer that I was doing business with for 25 years, I need to know their inventories that calling somebody I can pull out my mobile phone and look at their inventory directly. So those are the types of apps, and in the next few years we're going to see a lot of these existing apps move over to the manufacturing and the large business type application.


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