Security is always a primary concern for most companies, and we call it logical security. Logical security being user name and password, is the site encrypted, is the application encrypted? Companies can embrace or apply as much logical security to an application as they feel necessary. So a simple example of that would be to say that most of our cars have locks on them, the locks are they full proof, no. If someone really wanted to get into my vehicle they certainly could, but my lock is enough to deter the majority of people in our community. You take that same approach with security on an application, what is it that I’m trying to secure, let's apply just enough security so that it deters 99% of  the majority of people so they don’t try to break into it.  Then we  have alarms and controls on the applications so that if someone does try to break into it, much like a car alarm in the digital world the same principle applies. You can set an alarm, and  if someone tries to breaks in you can certainly scare them away, call the police, record and log all the activity, and then take measures to avoid that in the future.


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