DNS Case Studies

 Learn more about the services we provide and the clients we've worked with, organized by the industries we serve:


     Manufacturing Cases

DNS has worked with many well-known manufacturing companies in the local area. We have provided services, including configuring tracking systems to handle return and depot management, equipping clients with a solution that provides efficient quoting and financial tools to manage and control the manufacturing process, and tailoring solutions to control ordering, shipping and delivery.


      Service Cases

Providing services to a sector of people, large or small, requires an efficient and powerful management solution. DNS has worked with these businesses to create management solutions to match their needs, from managing and planning events, to tracking installations and vehicle repairs. The solutions provided by DNS help our clients to remain strong competitors in the service industry today.


      Public Sector Cases

Non-profit organizations provide multiple services that are vital to many in the local area. DNS works with these organizations to simplify and provide efficient solutions to their business processes. Solutions have been configured to streamline the grant management process, enhance management functionality and improve customer satisfaction, allowing these organizations to carry on with their mission to make a difference.

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