360° Feedback Success Story: Distributed Network Software Creates a 360° Feedback Solution

Distributed Network Software LLC, (DNS) has been offering custom software solutions since 1999 to customers in manufacturing, transportation, health care, public sector, and educational institutions. Realizing the need for career feedback and assessment in all of these industries, DNS created a custom tool that gives administrators and managers the capability to measure employees within their organization. For nearly 15 months, DNS researched other assessment and feedback tools that were available. What they found was a difficulty in customizing the survey with user-generated questions,implementation tactics were complicated, and reporting tools required a doctorate in statistics. DNS gathered this information and developed a system they call 360° Insight. Designed specifically with user-friendly interfaces and customizable tools and reporting, our clients have experienced complete satisfaction with the 360° experience.
School District Implements 360​° Insight
Our client was searching for an online assessment tool that could facilitate the evaluation process of administrators, teachers, and staff electronically and generate immediate results. We introduced them to 360°Insight. With 360° Insight the school district was able to overcome the challenges of implementing its previous evaluation process, a paper-based process which required manual collection and tabulation.
The 360° Insight tool immediately allowed them to:
  • Improve quality of feedback received
  • Reduce administration time and resources
  • Provide anonymity among users
  • Increase convenience of users to participate
  • Allow access to users anywhere and at anytime
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing system


During the transition to 360° Insight, the implementation team, including DNS, kept the lines of communication open with end users, meeting frequently to ensure that the system was designed and functioning to meet their needs. This resulted in a multifaceted feedback application that was easy to implement and engage users. Our client was ecstatic with the convenience for participants to complete and the ease of use that was provided for administrators in managing the solution.
"The ability to successfully automate the task of collecting anonymous feedback, processing the results, and generating immediate evaluations, was invaluable asset to the administration as part of the performance review process," said Nick Konzel, president DNS. "Our clients have seen a 40 percent reduction in time allocated to gather and analyze this data, what company wouldn't want to pass this on to its bottom-line."
360° Insight Highl​ights
  • User-friendly online system
  • Improves efficiency in administering of survey's
  • Increases communication across the organization
  • Provides immediate anonymous feedback and results to employee
  • Seamless integration into existing technology and business processes
  • Ability for management to institute timely and accurate recommendations among employees
  • Increases employees ability to improve upon competencies, skills and behaviors
  • A centralized system that is easy to manage and accommodates future expansion
  • Provides an organization with long-term benefits and a consistent assessment tool
360° Insight A​pplication Overview
Assessment Areas:
  • Anonymous feedback
  • Customized question design
  • Easy to follow question format and response areas
  • Includes Save & Exit functions to continue later
  • 360° Insight participants include: Self, Manager(s), Peers, and Staff
  • Participants are invited by email and supplied a role-based password
  • Raw data collected and automatically displayed into easy-to-understand graphs and reports
  • Immediate access to individual results
  • Role-based access to employees
  • Aggregated organizational data available for company-wide analysis
  • Data is stored and kept anonymous
  • .netCharting software is used to provide a dynamic visual interface for final reporting
Administration Areas:​
  • Initiate evaluation sessions
  • Monitor participation
  • View participants historical files
  • Send customized reports to participants emails
  • Survey development and management



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