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Amatech Implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with Sales and Marketing Strategy


Amatech designs and fabricates a range of packaging, storage and protective products to meet the shipping needs of its customers. Plastic collapsible, reshippable and reusable containers are an alternative to corrugated boxes, saving both money and valuable landfill space. The patented hinge feature, available only from Amatech, allows the containers to fold flat for inexpensive storage and return, and provides flexibility in customizing containers to meet certain specifications. Expendable (throw-away) and returnable foam products are engineered to protect even the most delicate items during distribution.


Amatech and its sales and marketing departments were poised to take the next step in advertising and website sales connectivity. The strategy for driving sales to the next level required a solid backbone of sales processes, procedures and managing tools to be in place for the sales staff to handle the augmentation of projected Leads and Quotes.

The need for a workflow in regards to reporting, automation and a standardized process for inside and outside sales reps was a deciding factor to implement a customer relationship management software. It was imperative that Amatech have a system in place that could encompass the entire sales process, smoothly, for its salespeople.


After a comprehensive review of Amatech’s current quoting system and sales practice, Distributed Network Software, DNS, recommended a solution built within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. This solution would put in place a standard sales process preceding the quoting stage that would increase customer service procedures for handling current clients as well as new Contacts and Opportunities.

Prior to implementing Dynamics CRM 2011 Amatech was working with E2 for their ERP needs. Certain entities within E2 needed to be synchronized to the new sales system at a configurable interval. These entities included Account, Contact, and Addresses. DNS wrote a custom data adapter to interface with E2 and Dynamics CRM 2011. The flow from E2 to Dynamics CRM 2011 was a seamless transition from an accounting to sales platform where matching data was required.

A tailored Quote Request tool was put in place on Amatech’s public website for prospective customers. The page was developed using ASP.NET MVC 4 to integrate with Dynamics CRM 2011. The web page performed a search for existing leads or contacts and created a new Lead if none were found. New Leads were assigned to the next available sales representative in a rotating sales pool, which was managed in Dynamics CRM 2011. An email was automatically generated to notify the salesperson of a new customer inquiry for follow up. The newly generated Lead included fields from the online Quote Request Form, referencing not only the Lead Source but other essential information to assist salespeople on continuation of the Lead Qualification process.

Dynamics CRM 2011 Lead View
Dynamics CRM 2011 Lead View


The Quote Request Form had additional custom fields to specify product interest and needs of the customer. Items such as box type, partitions and types of materials were included to narrow down specific interest. Marketing was also attentive from where the lead originated in order to direct future advertising efforts. Another text box was introduced to relay any remaining clarifications and comments from the customer regarding a Quote Request.

Request Quote Form Custom Fields

Request Quote Form Custom Fields


Additionally, Amatech desired to maintain contact with its customers on a consistent basis. As a failsafe measure, if the setup of an Activity such as a Phone Call or Email was not scheduled by a salesperson for a new Lead, the Dynamics CRM 2011 system would create a Phone Call automatically. A scheduled job would run nightly to check for missing activities on Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities that have been touched on the previous day. Phone Calls were then scheduled via Dynamics CRM 2011 web services and assigned to the user that last touched the record. This ensured regular customer contact in a consistent timeframe suitable to Amatech. Current customers were included in this process to guarantee a regularly scheduled Phone Call in order to touch base with any concerns or needs.


Distributed Network Software (DNS) was able to tailor an optimized sales process solution in Dynamics CRM 2011 to meet the growing sales of Amatech and its forward-thinking marketing approach. The possibility for the aspects of the sales process and customer service to the quoting stage had been attained.

With the software knowledge of DNS, prospective leads were now automatically assigned from a contact standpoint to the appropriate salesperson in a convenient manner using a custom, preset quote form. Customer service was improved by automating emails and phone tasks to confirm that no customer was left untouched.

Amatech is now equipped to handle increased leads resulting from enhanced marketing techniques to drive sales with customers in need of custom-made shipping products and packaging methods. With Dynamics CRM 2011 and optimized solutions from Distributed Network Software, Amatech has the standardization of processes and automation of lead integration vital to the success of this innovative packaging professional.

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