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Located in Erie, PA Arvite Technologies is a precision sheet metal fabricator specializing in custom manufacturing for a wide range of industrial customers. Arvite specializes in laser cutting and sheet metal parts such as enclosures and cabinets. They do work for customers in a variety of industries, including industrial instrumentation, medical, and electronics.


Manual work order entry and tracking methods hindered Arvite’s capacity to take on new projects with confidence that commitments would be met with on time delivery. The company's accounting system lacked integration with manufacturing and other core business processes. Control over sheet material and specialty hardware inventory levels were not in sync with manufacturing and customer delivery schedules, leading to ongoing confusion and errors.


Realizing the need for a fully integrated ERP solution, Arvite Technologies turned to Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS), for an application to m​eet their specific need of the growing sheet metal fabrication business. After conducting a thorough business analysis, DNS was able to jump-start the ERP implementation process with an integrated solution. Working closely with Arvite management, DNS consultants established a plan and schedule to identify the steps and resources required for successful installation. A new interface was developed between the accounting program and its MetalSoft's FabriTrak job shop control package. Integration of the two applications focused on enhancing the flow of information between users and systems while matching Arvite’s industry-specific business needs. Training and on-site support to maximize the functionality of the ERP system were also provided.


The ERP solution implemented by DNS saves Arvite Technologies approximately $75,000 annually. The solution allows Arvite to take a system approach to developing production entry, work orders, shop control, material requirements, and streamlined labor accounting via bar code entry on a real time basis. The solution has significantly enhanced Arvite’s productivity, quotations are efficiently generated and orders are accurately priced. Products are now manufactured and shipped as promised, eliminating the possibility of delivery errors and making out-of-stock situations a rarity. Along with improvements in Arvite’s relationships with customers and suppliers, the ERP solution enhanced the company’s overall business competitiveness. Customer satisfaction has increased due to the shift of internal efforts focusing on growth and less on troubleshooting. Arvite Technologies now has an ERP system that allows them to manage everyday business while strategizing for future growth.

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