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C.H. Reams & Associates Utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM


C.H. Reams & Associates is an insurance brokerage firm that provides consulting and broker services to organizations that offer fully insured and self-funded benefits. They work with clients on their plan, design, implementation, and renewal processes. In addition C.H. Reams & Associates is a fully licensed broker that offers individual product lines. The firm prides themselves on the ability to find the best benefits available for their clients in the ever changing insurance marketplace.


C.H. Reams & Associates have used the same software, a FoxPro application integrated with Accpac accounting program, since 1985. Their current solution became outdated and inoperative after numerous, unmanageable features were installed within the software over the past 25 years. With their tremendous growth, C.H. Reams & Associates desired a system that could handle their progressive pace that was up-to-date and would manage the changing rules and regulations of the insurance industry.


Realizing the need to upgrade their legacy system, C.H. Reams & Associates turned to Distributed Network Software LLC (DNS) for GAP analysis to discuss replacing their current system with a new state-of-the-art enterprise resource system. DNS and C.H. Reams & Associates analyzed several off-the-shelf industry specific solutions but determined that a tailored solution would best fit their business needs. DNS recommended a solution built within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the tailored solution, C.H. Reams & Associate’s industry and company specific logic is now automated. Their internal staff can now handle hundreds of phone calls and customer requests. DNS also integrated their solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This connection reduced the need for double-entry and allowed the automation of data entry for accounts payables and receivables to flow automatically and uninterrupted between the solutions.


The configurations implemented within Microsoft Dynamics CRM will allow C.H. Reams & Associates to continue to grow and adjust to their industry by providing an increased focus on their internal efforts on customer satisfaction and growth. With the uncertainty surrounding their previous system removed, C.H. Reams & Associates are now equipped with a reliable solution that will allow them to continue their impressive growth in the insurance brokerage industry.


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