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DNS Configures the Global Inquiry Management Systems (GIMS)



Eriez Magnetics, located in Erie, PA is recognized as a world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory, and metal detection applications. The company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced technology equipment for magnetic separation, metal detection, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling applications.


As in many corporations, marketing departments are looked at as cost centers. The results of their spending are often difficult to track - not at Eriez. A few years ago, the marketing communications team at Eriez used a DOS-based inquiry management system to manage inquiries generated mainly from tradeshows and print materials. These inquiries were manually related to sales revenue on a monthly basis. This process allowed Eriez to manage next year’s marketing budget and provided 50+ US manufacturing Reps with qualified inquiries, however; the system did not respond quickly to territory, product, and market changes. With the introduction of the Internet, a level of urgency arose which was never present before in the manufacturing sector.


The Marketing and Communications team at Eriez recognized the need to relate all inquiries to specific marketing events. An example of the process that Eriez desired to become automated begins when a person visits their tradeshow booth, then responds to a magazine ad and finally reaches their website, to research an Eriez product .The appropriate Rep was then instantly notified of the inquiry activity. Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS) worked with Eriez to create a Global Inquiry Management System (GIMS) that provides real-time notification and management of domestic and international inquiry activity.

The appropriate manufactures Rep, the Marketing Communications team, and the lead fulfillment center are instantly notified through electronic messaging, in addition to storing the inquiry for future business intelligence functions. GIMS is software that facilitates modifications to the manufacturers Rep network, changes to sales territories, product lines and markets. GIMS is built on Microsoft SQL Server database using Visual Studio .NET tools and framework.

The GIMS database manages and stores sales transactions from Eriez’ ERP system and website inquiry collection databases. Through its knowledge of best-practice software development standards, and the software development life cycle, DNS created the data bridge between several key information systems that allows Eriez to collect, categorize, distribute, and manage all inquiries from their marketing events. GIMS tools allow decision makers at Eriez to appropriately respond to market changes.


GIMS has allowed Eriez to gain new business by equipping Eriez  Reps with the ability to instantly respond to inquiries from email or secured websites, providing Eriez with a competitive edge in all markets sectors. GIMS provides a tool for Eriez’ management team to make timely business decisions and gain manufacturing market share. With the personalized solution, Eriez no longer has to worry about changing sales territories and allocating resources to new markets. GIMS allows the Marketing and Communication teams to make Rep and territory changes without worrying about technology changes. Eriez has gained a secure solution, allowing them to continue to prosper within the advanced technology industry.


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