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North Coast and Premier Conduit Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Automate Quoting Process



North Coast and Premier Conduit are newly established manufacturing businesses within the Erie Area. North Coast is a company categorized under Conduit & Conduit Fittings Electric and began manufacturing HPDE Innerduct and Conduit in 2010 as an alternative source to the decreasing choice of suppliers within the area. Their products are intended for use in underground, aerial, and innderduct applications. Premier Conduit is a private company categorized under Wholesale Conduits and Conduit Fittings. The business began manufacturing Plenum, Riser, and Corrugated Conduit in 2002. The business partners are dedicated to offering superior quality conduit at competitive prices and providing exceptional immediate services.



North Coast and Premier Conduit manufacture and distribute conduit products within their operations. The clients were interested in implementing a secure and efficient solution that would automate and control all aspects of the quoting configuration and management process. It was important to the clients that the solutions handle account management, providing enhanced usability and tracking of their clientele. North Coast and Premier Conduit desired a solution that would track information for the manufacturing to the distribution of their products, with tools and features that could be personalized for both businesses. With the client's requests in mind, Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS) developed a solution to handle their requests.

After reviewing North Coast and Premier Conduits’ business processes, DNS, recommended a solution built within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution provides the businesses with the proper tools and framework to control all data related to their manufacturing and distribution business. DNS provided data extraction and import services to migrate master records from Conduits’ previous system, QuickBooks, into Dynamics CRM. The solution was then implemented in a hosted environment in order to provide a scalable, efficient, and secure solution. The company data is stored and backed up nightly at DNS’s data center where technical experts monitor and manage Conduits’ servers and applications to ensure optimum performance.
quote form
Figure 1 Displays the Quote Form
DNS assisted the clients in creating and modifying quote forms to enhance quote management. Custom fields were added to track all data required for the manufacturing of the products. The quote form was modified allowing the clients to create and manage information related to each quote. The data includes information such as who the quote was quoted to, the reference job, and lead time. In connection with the quote itself, the quote product form was tailored to provide a write-in tool to hold all of the associated details and information.
quote product form
Figure 2 displays the Quote Product Form

Product number, size, and color fields were implemented to allow North Coast and Premier to edit and track the revisions and profitability of each product. This product-specific information allows the clients to quickly and efficiently quote out accurate prices while providing the information necessary to turn that quote into an order.

Dynamics CRM provided North Coast and Premier Conduit with heightened account management. All of their existing/prospective clients are easily stored within the solution providing access to any desired records. To enhance usability within Conduits’ teams, DNS personalized the account fields in the solution. All unwanted information was removed, and the pertinent data of the clients was implemented and arranged in an intuitive and efficient way providing the clients with an improved visual of customer records. The clients are able to link the accounts with any orders, sample orders, or literature requests that are related to the customer, providing all related data that is accessible in a single interface.

Along with the creation and modification of forms, North Coast and Premier gained new reporting tools to track and control their distribution process. The Dynamics CRM solution provided one-click options to print, email, or fax the quotes. This allows the client to send the quotes to any customer record within the database directly from the solution. After the quotes have been sent out, the clients have the additional option of creating orders and invoices generated within the solution to complete the process. North Coast and Premier Conduit are able to handle all related tasks in a single platform, allowing them to standardize the quoting and order processes for their product lines.

In order to provide North Coast and Premier Conduit with a single solution that met both of their needs, DNS implemented configurations to handle the relationship. Fields were modified within the solution to provide identification tools within their reports. Whenever a report is printed out, the company’s corresponding logo will be shown based on which company is responsible for the specific product. This allows North Coast and Premier Conduit to utilize the same solution, while having their individual business and product lines represented.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM equipped North Coast and Premier Conduit with a solution that provides an efficient way to automate their quoting process, from creating and printing, to converting the quotes to orders. They are equipped with a solution that has enhanced their account management, with the added ability to connect product information and quotes within their records. North Coast and Premier Conduit gained access to reporting and tracking tools, providing full control of their business processes. The solution was configured to incorporate both business and provides identification tools that are available within the reports.

By implementing Dynamics CRM, North Coast and Premier Conduit acquired a single fully integrated solution that implements an efficient quote management system, that combines all elements of their manufacturing and distribution business into one platform. With the solution installed, North Coast and Premier Conduits can continue to remain a strong leader within their industry today.


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