PLYLER OVERHEAD Door Co. Gains Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP as their Solution Platform



Plyler Overhead Door Co. is a family-owned business serving the Erie and Crawford Counties of Pennsylvania, since its establishment in 1967. In 1999, Door World of Hadley - located in Hadley, Pennsylvania became a division of Plyler Enterprises, Inc. offering the same high-quality products in residential and commercial overhead doors, as well as entry door systems, patio doors, enclosures, and replacement windows. Together, Plyler Overhead Door Co. and Door World of Hadley offer an unbeatable combination of complementing doors and windows for any job. The company specializes in garage door sales and installation, residential and commercial garage door openers, repairs, and fabric awning sales installation. Plyer Overhead Door Co. is dedicated to exceeding their customers' expectations by providing the best door that money can buy with exceptional service that is done right the first time.


Plyler Overhead Door was previously utilizing outdated software systems that were causing problems within their company, from a partner who was no longer in business. Plyler was left to maintain the software without any service or support capabilities. The company was running  separate systems to control their business processes including accounting, wholesales, customer, and scheduling management that were not meeting their business needs. It was important to Plyler that all data and files be seamlessly imported and built within a new solution that integrated all of their business processes and data into a secure, easy to use system.

Plyler emphasized the importance of implementing a solution that would provide both functional and efficient features to control the scheduling of their outgoing truck deliveries, while managing their existing and prospective clientele. Plyler further expressed a desire to gain enhanced reporting and performance based tools to track their business, while obtaining support and expertise from a local partner that would provide assistance as needed. With the client's requests in mind, Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS) implemented a solution to meet their business needs.


After a thorough review of Plyler’s processes, DNS recommended a solution built within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP. The new integration framework for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM equips Plyler with a solution that incorporates their business related activities and processes into a single management system. The migration of the CRM and GP software provided the client with heightened business insight while improving user productivity across financials, supply chain, sales, and services.

DNS provided data extraction and import services to migrate master records from Plyler’s previous system, GQS. The client’s data was safely imported into the ERP software, which was then connected to Dynamics CRM. The connection between the software was done with the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, a utility that provides automatic electronic data interchange between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP. The solution was implemented into a hosted environment in order to provide a scalable, efficient, and secure solution. The company data is stored and backed up nightly at DNS’s data center, where technical experts monitor and manage Plyler’s servers and applications to ensure optimum performance. The connected solution equipped Plyler with enhanced organizational features, providing improved functionality within their business.

plyler service calendar
Figure 1 Displays the Trucking Activities in the Service Calendar

Plyler was equipped with a Service Calendar feature available in Dynamics CRM. The Service Calendar was personalized to handle the client’s specific requests of managing and tracking truck deliveries. The calendar provides inline data visualization with tools to organize the scheduling commitments and activities. The users are able to view each truck and the information related to their daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled service activities, including their unavailable days and times. This allows Plyler to have complete control of the distribution process, eliminating delivery errors, and double booking of their resources.

To provide Plyler with heighted search functionality, DNS configured a customer look up feature within the Dynamics CRM solution. This allows Plyler to enter any part of the desired record; last name, address, zip code, etc. The system will then provide a drop-down list of all matching or partially matching records based off of the search criteria, sorted by match percentage. This equipped Plyler with an accelerated and efficient record search to access all customer data.

Figure 2 Displays the Customer Lookup Feature
Various resources were implemented within the solution to enhance business logic for Plyler. DNS also assisted the client in creating and modifying reports to meet their business needs by utilizing the Report Wizard in Dynamics CRM. Truck scheduling and task completion reports were configured to provide Plyler with enhanced analysis tools. Plyler gained access to built-in financial reports to control quotes, and measure the activity and performance of their company. Along with the creation and modification of reports, Plyler gained new reporting tools including prebuilt real-time dashboards, which provides inline data visualization of real time analytics across every stage of their sales cycle.

To ensure the client was proficient in using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to their maximum capacity, DNS provides ongoing assistance. Plyler was educated on the new features and tools available within the new solution and instructed on how to properly use them to their fullest advantage. DNS continues to provide support with their expertise in managing Plyler’s solution to validate that all operations are running smoothly and cost effectively.

The Dynamics CRM and GP package provided Plyler with a management solution that incorporates all of their business related processes into a single secure solution hosted in the cloud. The connection between GP and CRM provides their internal staff with key usability features to improve their customer management, financial, and sales process. Data extraction and importing tools were used to ensure that Plyler’s existing data from the ERP software, GQS, was migrated safely within Dynamics GP to supply the company with the desired records.
Plyler gained enhanced functionality in managing their business process by utilizing the features that were tailored to meet their specific business needs, including the Service Calendar and Customer Lookup tool. The client was equipped with modified reports and reporting tools that provided them with enhanced financial functionality within their business. Plyler acquired a reliable solution from a trusted partner that assists in training throughout the implementation process to guarantee comprehension within their internal staff and ongoing efficiency within the solution. By implementing the Dynamics CRM and GP solution, Plyler Overhead Door Co. gained a single fully integrated management solution that combines all elements of their door manufacturing and installation business into one platform, allowing them to remain a strong leader in their industry today.

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