Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting & Operations Configuration


Company Backg​round

Located in Titusville, PA Salvage Direct operates an on-line specialty salvage vehicle auction service. Salvage Direct uses the global Internet marketplace that provides insurance companies and financial institutions with more efficient methods of marketing salvaged vehicles to licensed dealers and dismantlers. The Salvage Direct website contains a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, yachts, recreational vehicles and more. Their services include sales, title transfers, money collection, and vehicle transportation. These operations result in millions of on-line transactions annually, generating an abundance of information that must be shared across the enterprise. Realizing the need for a robust ERP solution, CIO, Jerry Millin turned to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS).



The previous accounting system was unable to keep pace with the volume of transactions that were being received from Salvage Direct's auction site. Due to limitations in sharing the data, their staff had to manually enter each transaction for  items including, buying fees, supplier fees, vendor fees, cash receipts, and vendor payments. DNS was brought on board to conduct a thorough business evaluation, provide recommendations, and begin a new Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation.



With Microsoft Dynamics GP as their financial core, DNS streamlined Salvage Direct’s ERP system and tightly integrated it with the web-based system used by customers, vendors, and operations staff. Custom programming of an interface between the two applications was configured, used  to enhance the flow of information between users. Integration of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office System simplified the implementation, and a familiar Internet Explorer environment expedited the time to productivity. To maximize the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP, DNS provided ongoing assistance and support.



The Enterprise Resource Planning solutions implemented by Distributed Network Software are expected to increase Salvage Direct’s ability to handle transactions by as much as 30%. In an environment where over a million transactions per year are produced, that is a significant contribution to the bottom line. The elimination of double entry of data allows Salvage Direct to re-direct the accounting staff from data entry to call center operations, where growth trends indicated the need for a larger workforce.

The improvements increased Salvage Direct’s transaction turnover rate by 50%, adding capacity for increased sales and cash flow. The ability to utilize the familiar productivity applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook with the powerful Enterprise Resource Planning capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP, has given Salvage Direct the capability to easily generate sales and cost of sales transactions to be exchanged with their on-line system. Salvage Direct is now able to generate an assortment of management metrics that are monitored daily.


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