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Walker Filtration specializes in high quality, high efficiency compressed air filtration and drying equipment serving a global market. The complex demands of its customers keeps this market leader at the forefront of the filtration industry. Walker Filtration has divisions not only in the UK but Australia and the United States as well. Continuous implementation of new technology keeps Walker Filtration ahead of its competitors in filtration products, logistics and customer service  


Walker Filtration was in need of a way for business contacts, orders, reports and business documents to be accessible to all representatives on the international sales teams. The importance of business continuity for all of the global locations was required to manage its business processes in the same precise, consistent manner. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 was the solution for business continuity in a global market setting.

At the time, Walker Filtration did have Dynamics CRM 2013 installed and in use, however many forms had been merged in the CRM 2013 update process which created redundancy issues. Additionally Walker Filtration had begun to identify processes that needed improvement. The company needed a software engineering partner, such as Distributed Network Software, to take them to the next level of customer relationship management to improve overall flow. By achieving the next level in CRM business functionality from a software partner, Walker Filtration would be properly equipped to rise above its competition.  


After a thorough review of the processes used at Walker Filtration, DNS recommended an optimization solution to build on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. The solution provides the company with tailored fields for sales and reporting capability which was needed to tie in all business relations on an international scale.

The first step was to merge the previous Dynamics CRM 2011 form versions with the updated Dynamics CRM 2013 Online forms that had automatically been deployed for the company. This was done to restore custom form layout and to remove duplication and improve the overall flow so that data entry could be done efficiently. DNS also removed some relationship maps, to prevent data from automatically flowing from one Entity to another. The Lead form was modified so that duplicate fields were eliminated. Certain fields with Lead Information were also formatted to show above their respective fields, and a general rearranging was performed to make it more streamlined. A Copy Opportunity custom button was added to save time from reentering common fields for clients with multiple entries such as Territory, Contact, Account Type, Currency, Source Campaign and Niche Market.


Copy Opportunity Custom Button

Copy Opportunity Custom Button


Another area that was improved for Walker Filtration was the reporting of Opportunity data. The Dynamics CRM 2013 solution from DNS helped combine multiple reports with greater accuracy to get the custom-built Opportunity Report Summary needed for tracking. One previously cumbersome area was reporting on 1:N relationships. This occurs when 1 Opportunity can have Multiple (N) Competitors and/or Opportunity Close reasons. DNS consolidated the reports into a single SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report using FetchXML (query retrieval) so that one report is generated in the desired format with all of the data that used to be manually consolidated.

Opportunity Report
Opportunity (SSRS) Report


Walker Filtration had a custom field for Niche Market available on the Lead and Opportunity. DNS was able to improve reliability by configuring Niche Market to use a Global Option Set value. This ensured that the two fields always have the same available values and can flow consistently from Lead to Opportunity during Qualification.  


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 equipped Walker Filtration with a solution that provided a concise business flow and continuity between all divisions globally. With the consolidation of different internal reports into one end product, Opportunities are now tracked in a compact result.

Walker Filtration now has a restructured and simplified approach for all employees to use on a daily basis. A detailed Opportunity Summary Report with the help of DNS, along with updating and merging preexisting forms from Dynamics CRM 2011 to 2013 was the solution to business continuity.

By filling the necessity for a user friendly interface, continuity of products and sales processes along with customized features in Dynamics CRM 2013, Walker Filtration is now set to continue the high level of business excellence for which they are known.

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