The Barber National Institute gains DNS as a Local Time Warner Business Class Partner to Provide their Internet Services



The Barber National Institute was established in 1952 by Gertrude A. Barber, to offer an integrated approach to providing individualized care for those with special needs. The Barber National Institute grew from a one-room classroom to a dynamic multifaceted facility, employing over 2,000 staff members who are dedicated to providing the highest quality, education, and care with respect, passion, and encouragement. The main campus and administrative headquarters are located in Erie, PA and additional group homes and services are provided throughout the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. The Barber National Institute is dedicated solely to improving the lives of children and adults within the community, by combining the best research with training and education, resulting in the finest prescriptive programming in the nation.


Since their establishment in 1952, The Barber National Institute has experienced tremendous growth. With a dedicated staff providing training, research, and programming rated as the top in the nation, the Institute’s clientele continued to expand. This resulted in the Institute expanding their organization and developing multiple residential group homes throughout the Erie, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. With multiple group homes spread throughout the Northwestern PA area, the organization developed a vital need to install internet services throughout all of their remote locations. Billing and inconsistencies with service were issues that were interfering with the client’s growth. The Institute desired a provider that would consolidate their internet services under a single vendor. It was also important that the provider selected was local, and would be able to provide immediate assistance for any issues that may arise. The Barber National Institute looked to Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS) to implement a solution that would eliminate the drawbacks, while improving their business process.


As a trusted partner, DNS recommended moving with Time Warner Business Class Cable Broadband to provide the desired services. After a review of the Institute’s current situation, the Teleworking package was decided upon. The package was built to afford employees and users with the ability to use the broadband cable services in multiple locations, under the same vendor. In order to provide the proper bandwidth for the solution to run efficiently, new modems had to be installed within every location. After the installations were complete, the Institute was afforded with increased  bandwidth of 10 x1.5 and high speed broad band access within each of their group homes. The Cable Broad Band solution delivered reliability and cost savings to the Institute. With flexible billing options available, the Institute was able to consolidate their internet services within each location onto a single-billing statement. To ensure the solution is running smoothly, DNS provides immediate assistance to the Institute with any issues that may arise, equipping them with a local Time Warner partner to ensure their services are operating efficiently at all times.


The Barber National Institute gained a trusted Time Warner Business Class partner, equipping them with the internet services they need to properly run and connect their residential group homes. Each remote location received installations to update the modems, providing increased bandwidth and high speed broad band access to their employees and residents. The teleworking package offers a cost effective solution for the organization that includes all of the desired services. As a local TWBC partner, DNS can provide immediate assistance to the Institute to resolve any issues that may arise in a timely manner. After the move to Time Warner, the Barber National Institute was able to increase their bandwidth, consolidate their billing under a single vendor and gain a local partner, allowing them to continue their mission while providing the exceptional services they are known for. 

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