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eDynaQuote is an association of procurement consultants and project managers who help companies trim costs and manage procurement better. eDynaQuote offers an easy-to-use online bidding tool, coupled with personal training in strategic purchasing and professional project management for online competitive bidding events. The Center for eBusiness and Advanced Information Technology (eBizITPA) is a Pennsylvania economic development resource established in 2002 to help companies understand how to use e-business technology and tools to be successful. eDynaQuote was developed to enable organizations to apply e-business technology to sourcing and purchasing business processes to increase efficiency while becoming more competitive.


eBizITPA identified opportunities for businesses and public sector organizations to capitalize on savings resulting from using a successful online bidding process or reverse auction solution. eBizITPA acquired reverse auction software from an international​l business for the purpose of offering small businesses online bidding opportunities. They needed to develop the auction software into a product and business model that could be efficiently implemented, provide cost-saving results and easily adoptable within their internal staff.


Working in conjunction with eBizITPA, Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS) was able to create eDynaQuote, which allowed companies to create purchasing opportunities for goods and services using a reverse auction. DNS ensured that the online bidding system could perform the following critical functions:

  • automate and streamline the bid solicitation process
  • post and distribute bid solicitations electronically
  • collect and report bid data
  • provide analyzed auction results for easy reporting

DNS created the eDynaQuote software with the end-user in mind. Business users of all skill levels found eDynaQuote easy to use and execute without extensive training and support. DNS's experienced programmers accomplished this by using standard development methods and Visual Studio.NET.


eDynaQuote.com has saved its clients millions of dollars in commodities and services through the implementation of this online bidding software. The functionality of the system allows buyers to significantly reduce costs associated with bidding for a job and improve buyers purchasing efficiencies. "The ability to create and store electronic specifications makes it so much easier when I need to run another event," said Jackie Bonace, Blair International Trade Division. DNS's design and development of the eDynaQuote system has made it cost-effective and simple for purchasing managers to experience the cost-saving benefits of online bidding.


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