Perseo-Erie Implements Dynamics CRM to manage their Service and Data Tracking needs.



Since its establishment in 1989 Perseo-Erie has been a trusted machine tool distributor, serving various industries, from aerospace, and defense, to medical and automotive. The company offers machine tools, accessories, and EDM consumables from leading brands including Toyoda Machinery, Hyundai-Wia Machine, Mitsubishi EDM, Hurco, Mitsui High-Tec, and EDM DrillMate. The distributor is able to serve one of the most diverse manufacturing centers in the country with the equipment, training, and support their customers require to complete nearly any application. Perseo-Erie remains committed to providing each customer with the finest service and support available, with reliability and quick responses, backed up by their trained support staff and technical support center.


Perseo-Erie offers a wide variety of machine tools, accessories, and consumables from various manufacturers. Servicing a large clientele, and offering multiple products requires data tracking to ensure the pertinent information is managed and supplied to Perseo’s staff, and service technicians. With a large cliental base already established it was vital to the client that their accounts, addresses, and equipment data be imported and readily available within the solution. Perseo also desired a single, user-friendly interface to track specific information related to each order i.e. make, model and manufacturer. The client further expressed the need of connecting orders with service cases, to track any maintenance or assistance that is provided to their clients. With Perseo’s requests in mind Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS) configured a solution to meet their business needs.


After a thorough review of Perseo’s process, DNS recommended a solution built within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The implemented solution provides Perseo with the proper tools and framework  to conduct business by managing and tracking the multiple manufacturers, models, and equipment. Entities were configured within the solution with fields that were specifically designed to hold the account and product data. Data imports were performed to migrate Perseo’s existing data that was previously stored within Excel spreadsheets, to the new solution. The existing accounts, freight terms, shipping and payment methods, addresses, and equipment data was seamlessly integrated and made available for the client within Dynamics CRM. 

Perseo’s existing accounts were imported within the solution. The accounts are displayed in alphabetical order within the Active Accounts view. To provide the client with enhanced functionality, sub grids were configured within each account form to include equipment and cases, connecting all pertinent data within a single view for Perseo’s staff and technicians. To organize Perseo’s manufacturing partners, DNS configured a manufacturing entity. This entity is organized alphabetically, and lists all of their current manufactures within a single view.

Figure 1 Active Accounts View

The Active Manufacturers view displays the name of the manufacturer, and when the record was entered. When a specific manufacturer is chosen within the list, their related data will appear within the manufacturer form. Perseo is able to view the models and equipment associated with the manufacture within the same form. This provides Perseo’s staff and technicians with any data related to that specific model, eliminating the possibility of associating product data with the wrong manufacturer.      

Figure 2 Manufacturer Form  

A model entity was created, displaying the model type, the related manufacturer and the date the record was implemented within the solution. This provides Perseo with a single location where their model data is stored. The model form is displayed when a single model is chosen. The related equipment is accessible within the form with the make, model and SN displayed. The associated account can then be accessed by selecting the model within the Equipment Associated View affording Perseo’s staff with the installation date, and the designated technician. 

Figure 3 Model Form

To provide Perseo’s technicians and staff with a solution to manage the equipment and associated details, an equipment entity was configured. The make, model and SN of the equipment are displayed within the Active Equipment view. The installation date, parts, labor and control expiration dates are displayed within the form, organized by the most recent date to the last installation and expiration date. This configuration allows Perseo to stay up-to-date with their next concurring installation date and ensure the parts are in prime condition. The designated technician for the installation is also listed within the view, providing Perseo with an organizational tool to ensure that the job is assigned to be fulfilled. 

Figure 4 Equipment Form

Tracking and managing the service Perseo provides to their clients was vital to the company. Dynamics CRM equips the client with enhanced service tracking abilities. A case entity is provided within the solution, connecting Perseo’s accounts, equipment, and cases within a single view. When a case is selected from the view, Perseo is afforded with the detailed information within a single form. The customer, issue, date, equipment, service address, assignment information, contract and product information is available and can be updated within the solution.

A notes and article field was configured within the form to provide the technicians and staff with the ability to include information related to that installation. Perseo now has the ability to create a case and input the pieces of equipment installed at the client’s facility. This provides them with the ability to track and manage the pieces of equipment installed at the client’s facilities and track service cases to that equipment. The case form can also be used to develop a job ticket for a service call, listing out the equipment to be used. 

Figure 6 Case Form


Microsoft Dynamics CRM equipped Perseo with the  tools to properly manage, schedule, and track their service, accounts, manufacturers, and product data. The client is able to view installation and expiration dates, assign technicians to installations, and access model and equipment data. The technicians and staff are provided with real time-access to customer data through any web enabled device, affording them with immediate access to pertinent data throughout any location. The service entity provides Perseo with an organization tool, allocating their business and supply chain data into one central location. Perseo-Erie has implemented a secure, effective solution, from a local partner who continues to offer their expertise and assistance to ensure Dynamics CRM is running smoothly and efficiently. Perseo can remain a trusted machine tool distributor within the industry by continuing to provide the exceptional services and products they are known for, accompanied with a robust and reliable solution.

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