Stairways Implements Automatic Overtime within Dynamics GP



Stairways Behavioral Health is the most comprehensive mental health care provider in Erie and Crawford counties, serving more than 10,000 people annually and employing more than 400 mental health professionals. The non-profit organization assists persons with mental health care needs at any stage of life in their recovery by providing comprehensive rehabilitation, treatment, and supports that are essential for living, working, learning, and participating fully in the community. The conviction and service remains very much at the heart of Stairways Behavioral Health’s mission today in making a difference in the lives of those recovering from mental illness by providing an opportunity for them to live a quality life.


Stairways employs a large number of health professionals within their non-profit organization. Therefore it is vital that they have a solution installed that will manage and track employee labor data. Stairways was using Dynamics GP 10 to handle employee payroll and was using Business Portal to enter and track employee hours. Their staff was manually calculating and entering overtime hours into Dynamic GP’s module and desired a solution that would automate the payroll process. As a non-profit organization, Stairways has to meet certain state regulations when tracking employee labor data and desired a solution that would assist in complying with the regulations. Furthermore, the organization wanted to gain a local Microsoft Partner that would provide assistance and familiarization of their solution if needed. Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS) configured a solution to meet their business needs.


After a thorough review of Stairways’s process, DNS developed a strategy to implement an automatic payroll structure within Dynamics GP, to provide the non-profit organization with enhanced functionality. Based on the Fair Labor Standards Act, Stairways needed to track and pay employee overtime based on a weighted average if multiple shifts were worked in a pay period. Second, third, and weekend shifts are paid at a premium rate, and had to be included in the weighted calculation for overtime. New codes were configured in GP to track shift differentials, which employees select in Business Portal when clocking their hours. The code calculates the overtime hours to a weighted rate. Stairways now has the ability to input the shift that was worked, and receive an automated calculation within their solution, determining the amount earned.

To provide enhanced management functionality within the solution, DNS configured a pre-check report, providing Stairways with the ability to double check the employees’ hours worked, reviewing the shift differentials to ensure they are in fact eligible for overtime. This report is run before posting or printing payroll checks, to ensure the calculations are correct and designated to the proper employee. This provides the payroll processor with a tool to verify that there are no errors present within the batch before posting.

DNS, a trusted Microsoft Partner for over ten years, is available to assist Stairways with their solution within minutes, whether it is via a phone call or a short drive to their facility. This provides Stairways with a local partner, who is able to offer their expertise in familiarizing the staff with the solution and providing assistance to fix any technical issues that may arise.


The configurations implemented within Dynamics GP 10 by DNS, equipped the non-profit organization with the proper tools to manage and track employee hours worked, enabling them with the ability to properly calculate payroll and overtime earned. DNS was able to take a procedure that was previously handled manually and automate the process. The codes configured by DNS and input within the solution; eliminate the possibility of any errors and provides an effective way to track employee labor data, allowing Stairways to stay in line with state regulations. Stairway’s Behavioral Health is now equipped with a secure solution, allowing them to focus on their mission of making a difference in the lives of those recovering from mental illness by providing an opportunity for them to live a quality life.

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