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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) also known as business accounting software, is an integrated system that provides real time data which is used to incorporate information and processes from all functional divisions of an organization. The system integrates a broad range of enterprise functions including Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain Management, and Human Resources.
ERP systems merge organizational data, providing effortless access and structured workflows, leading to performance increase, workflow synchronizations, and standardized information exchange formats. ERP software is often classified in terms of a company’s revenue and type of industry. There are many ERP software vendors today including Intuit, SAP, Microsoft, and Sage.  Attaining the Enterprise Resource Planning competency demonstrates our expertise in deploying the Microsoft Dynamics ERP financial and supply chain management solution.
Shedding Tiers
ERP providers mostly classify businesses using a tiered system. Using a tiered system to decide what type and how much software to invest in is a great starting point for most companies. For example, a business that only offers services and that earns less than $1 Million in revenue may be a candidate for Intuit's software. While another company for example, a manufacturer of various products, earning $5 to $10 Million in revenue, could comfortably use Microsoft Dynamics GP.
At DNS we are committed to installing, supporting, and maintaining ERP software for tier 1 thru tier 5 companies. Because ERP software typically consists of accounting, distribution, manufacturing, or other modules, it allows companies to go beyond best practices and effectively manage information from anywhere at any time.
Choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning System that is Right for You
Before diving right into choosing a solution, take the time to understand what you really need. It is vital that you chose and implement the ERP Software Solution that will provide the most benefit to your company. To make the right choice you should ask yourself the following questions:
What are my current business needs?
What business processes are currently redundant/time wasters?
Where are you today in revenue?
What are our goals as a business, what growth do we expect to have in 1 year, 5 years?
If you have a current ERP system, does it fit your business?
What functionality capabilities are we looking for in an ERP system?
Phased Method
At DNS, we can  assist you in selecting the proper ERP software to meet your specific business needs by walking you through the planning and designing phases involved in configuring your solution.
Planning Phase
An ERP implementation cannot be done overnight, or even within a few weeks. The software is a tool that allows your company to grow but will not necessarily make you grow unless you have a marketing plan in place detailing how you will grow your business, product, or service. The planning phase includes employee feedback, creating a plan within your team, and moving forward from there. Your employees should be comfortable in the new system from day one. Employees who are included in the process of determining and trying different ERP systems will be more accepting and excited to use the new system. Here at DNS, we can tailor an ERP  system to match your specific business needs.  
Design Phase 
The design phase incorporates the review of current practices and the organization, selection of the ERP software, modules and capabilities, and a decision on whether the ERP software should be delivered on-premise or on-demand. There is no work-around approach or easy answer to this decision; rather, it depends on the company's culture, comfort-level, budget, and objectives. Return on investment is extremely important. A typical ROI for tier 1 thru tier 5 is two or three years until payback. However, in today’s hosting environment, a company may realize a return in months. With hosted services your business will pay a pre-set monthly fee and rely on our hardware, network, and support staff to keep your system up-and-running.




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