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With the rise of user-centered design, many businesses are opting for tailored software development that focuses on how users want, or need to use the product, rather than forcing the users to change their behavior to accommodate generalized or off-the-shelf software. DNS has a team of technology experienced professionals who have the capability, experience, certifications, and educational background to meet your software development needs quickly and efficiently. Our years of experience enable us to apply our combined knowledge of application development and integration to ensure the success of your next project.
With your tailored software you will be able to:
Differentiate your business by tailoring a solution that meets your specific business needs
Target exact working requirements to pursue business goals
Eliminate time consuming processes
Our software development experience knowledge and latest technologies allow us to deliver low-cost and top-quality solutions for our clients. We have expertise in developing applications in Visual Basic.NET and C# for manufacturers, distributors, and service industries. Once our development team analyzes your requirements they will architect and design a solution that best suits your company’s needs.
Software Development Process
In order to provide our clients with a solution that is tailored to meet their specific needs that is both beneficial and effective, our programmers go through a series of phases throughout the software development process:
When a software project begins, an in-depth analysis, sometimes called a discovery session is performed. This session is used to identify the client’s current business processes in order to provide accurate estimates to design the solution that will best meet their needs.   
Code review meetings are peer review processes for programmers. The source code is examined for efficiencies and design specifications. This pre-deployment meeting is used to look at the internal software source code to find any errors to fix before the implementation. These reviews eliminate issues and downtime for your company when the software is up and running.
After the initial review, DNS's programmers configure the code for the project. The solution is developed within a release candidate, where it can be tested and edited before going live. This ensures that the defects are recognized and eliminated.
Going Live/Maintenance
Going live happens after the solution has been tested thoroughly and is approved for release by the programmers and the clients. The solution is then distributed into a production environment and is available for the client. Software training and support is provided throughout the project lifecycle, to ensure that the software is being used correctly and effectively. Our programmers assist in maintaining the client's solution, providing assistance with any faults or errors that may arise.

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