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"Spectrum Business (formerly Time Warner Cable Business Class) is a high performance Internet service that meets the needs of businesses of all size, helping you increase productivity while providing you with a reliable connection delivered over a fiber-rich network."
"Businesses need fast, reliable Internet service to use the technologies that have become vital for success in today's marketplace. High bandwidth is required to run applications such as cloud-based services, file sharing, video streaming and VoIP - and to also support multiple users simultaneously downloading files and sending email."
Business ​Class Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC)
Having a reliable, high capacity, and secure internet connection is essential to achieving your businesses goals. Regardless of your organization's size, Spectrum Business Class can supply a flexible and scalable HFC solution with the connectivity that is required for your business to prosper.
Dedicated Internet Access
If your business has multiple locations with team members scattered throughout, it is important to have fast, reliable connections, equipped with data security. Dedicated Internet Access provides a continuously protected link between your local area network and the Internet. The plan is designed for an office ​with 20+ users or for organization's using technology requiring high availability and low latency, such as servers or audio conferencing. Our service level agreements ensure optimum performance and availability for your business operations.
Online Backup

With Online Backup, you can securely backup, store, and retrieve important data quickly and easily for a low monthly fee. There is no need to invest in additional on-site file servers and no need to worry about the high costs of recovering from a PC failure. 
Standard Features Include:
Supports Windows and Mac computers and servers
Encrypts all client data before transmission and while stored
Backs up SQL and Exchange data and locked files including Outlook PST files
Provides computer- or web-based file restoration with individually restorable, historical versions of files for 30 days
Backs up only new or changed files after the initial backup to save bandwidth and time
To discuss pricing and other possible services, call DNS at (814) 838-5151, or e-mail staff@dnsllc.com
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