All-American Hose Gains the ERP Software, Microsoft Dynamics GP


Located in Union City, Pennsylvania, All-American Hose (AAH), was established in 1970. The company designs, engineers, and manufactures the most recognizable brands in the industry including Ponn and National Fire Hose, and is known as being the world leader in the innovation and manufacturing of fire hose products. The unique hose products are designed and engineered for municipal, forestry, and industrial fight righting professionals. The company also manufactures a complete line of industrial hose products for agriculture, irrigation, construction, mining, and petrochemical applications. AAH pride themselves as being dedicated and committed, embodying the heritage and tradition of the fire service and all of the additional markets they serve, by offering a complete line of legendary products that offer safety, reliability, and value. With quality standards instilled, and a highly skilled team, All-American Hose continues to be regarded as the single best choice for hose products in the world.


All-American Hose was placed on a strict timeline to implement a new ERP solution to manage their business. With rapid production and sales activity it was vital to AAH that the solution be installed and made fully operational as soon as possible. AAH expressed a need for a secure solution that would allow them to manage and control all aspects of the hose manufacturing business. They were concerned that their existing bandwidth and infrastructure would not be able to support the new solution and required services that would import all business related data safely and securely from their previous software. AAH desired tools that would enhance the reporting and sales process within their existing team to control RMA and Depot Management. Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS), was contacted to implement a solution that would meet all of their business needs.


After reviewing AAH’s business and manufacturing processes as well as constraints on the implementation timeframe, DNS recommended Microsoft Dynamics GP. GP is an ERP package that met all of their process needs, equipped with a solution that would facilitate an accelerated deployment schedule. The solution provides AAH with the proper tools and framework to control all business related processes including sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, returns, and repairs, while meeting their financial needs and responsibilities.

DNS was contacted to assist All-American Hose in updating their data infrastructure in order to provide them with the bandwidth required to optimally utilize Dynamics GP as a hosted application. Two point-to-point fiber Ethernet Private Lines (EPL) were used to connect AAH’s manufacturing plants to DNS’s data center in order to provide guaranteed access to the multiple servers comprising the hosted solution. By providing a scalable bandwidth solution, the EPLs allow AAH’s data to be transferred safely and securely to DNS’s network. DNS implemented Dynamics GP in a hosted environment in order to provide a scalable, efficient, and secure solution. The company data is stored and backed up nightly at DNS’ data center where technical experts monitor and manage AAH servers and applications to ensure optimum performance.

In addition to the hardware requirements, DNS provided data extraction and import services to migrate master records from AAH’s previous system, Oracle, to Dynamics GP. These records included charts of accounts, customers, vendors, addresses, beginning balances, inventory, bill of materials, and transactions in AR, AP, SOP, and POP. Integration Manager, a data migration tool, was used to transform, validate, and import the listed information from Oracle exports to GP. DNS modified the standard Dynamics GP purchase order, quote, sales order, invoice, and pack slip reports to provide AAH with branded and recognizable documentation to give to their clients. Inventory, manufacturing, and MRP reports were configured with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), to provide AAH’s internal staff with content rich documents, enforcing  visibility of the business process from beginning to end.

Return and Depot Management was also implemented within the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. All-American Hose desired a solution to track the warranty on products and repairs. DNS handled this concern with ease by implementing the GP Field Service module. This provided AAH with the functionality required to achieve a complete understanding of all related activities, making the return management process as efficient and time saving as possible. All-American Hose is able to perform real-time RMA receiving and confirm that the correct item and quantity is being returned. Dynamics GP also granted AAH with the tools to handle depot management. With the solution AAH is able to enter work orders, schedule and track the activities within their internal repair facility, while keeping track of the use of parts and labor in their repair process.

In order to enhance the sales process and provide key usability features to AAH’s team of customer service representatives and regional sales managers, DNS implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM was then connected to Microsoft Dynamics GP. DNS implemented the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, a utility that provides electronic data interchange between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP. The integration provided AAH with heightened business insight, allowing them to manage leads and opportunities while improving sales productivity and visibility. With a fully functional management solution installed, DNS continues to provide ongoing assistance to the internal staff to ensure that they are proficient within the solution.


Dynamics GP provided All-American Hose with the tools required to manage and track all business related processes from sales and inventory to returns and repairs. DNS assisted AAH in updating their infrastructure and provided the bandwidth support required to run the solution. Data extraction and importing tools were used to ensure that AAH’s existing data from the ERP software, Oracle, was migrated within Dynamics GP to provide the company with their desired records. The client was equipped with reporting tools and modified reports that provided them with enhanced financial functionality and recognizable documents that were specific to their clients and needs.

DNS provided AAH with a solution connected between Dynamics GP and CRM that equipped their internal staff with key usability features to improve their sales process and customer management. The company acquired a reliable solution that implements an efficient and secure tracking system to handle return and depot management within their business. By implementing Dynamics GP, All-American Hose gained a fully integrated management solution that combines all elements of their hose manufacturing business into one platform, allowing them to remain a strong leader in the hose manufacturing industry today.

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