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Established in 1985, Composiflex, is a global supplier of highly-engineered composite products. The company specializes in manufacturing custom-design compositions and targets the aerospace, military, ballistic protection, medical, industrial, and recreational markets. Composiflex has built a reputation of being an innovator in the design and manufacturing of advanced high-performance composites and is characterized by yielding consistent, quality, and reliable products. The specialized composites sold are due to Composiflex’s knowledgeable engineering staff, broad materials expertise, cost-effective rapid prototyping methods, and their broad range of modern manufacturing technologies.


Composiflex has built a reputation of being an innovator in the composition manufacturing industry, providing quality and reliable products to their customers. Based on their recognition and increased demand, it was vital for the company to implement a strong business tracking system to manage their clientele and sales process. The main needs of Composiflex were having a secure solution that was equipped with disaster recovery and back up, implementing a solution that provided the necessary tools and features to properly organize potential and existing clients, a solution that was easily adaptable within their internal staff, and being equipped with the proper tools to perform data imports of their existing data within the new solution. Composiflex also desired reporting tools for data analysis, performance reporting and organizational tools to enhance their existing business process, while gaining the proper education to efficiently run the solution. With the clients requests in mind, Distributed Network Software, LLC (DNS), developed a solution to meet their business needs.


After a thorough review of Composiflex’s process, DNS recommended Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a solution which met all of their needs. DNS implemented Dynamics CRM in a hosted environment in order to provide a scalable, efficient, and secure solution. The hosted solution provides Composiflex with the proper tools and framework to control all aspects of sales force automation including lead, opportunity, and account management, with the added ability of real-time tracking key metrics and sales analytics.

DNS equipped Composiflex with a solution that provides flexibility and ease of use. This model utilizes the same Microsoft Office and Outlook interface, creating a user experience that is both relevant and adaptable to Composiflex’s internal staff. Dynamics CRM provided Composiflex with the features necessary to import their existing data within the solution. Data import and data de-duplication features were used to do the initial import. The data import populated Dynamics CRM with master files including accounts, leads, and contacts. These files were then mapped with Composiflex’s previous data and migrated within the new solution, providing the client with the desired records within seconds.

Personalizations were implemented within the solution to deliver features that were specific to their business needs. The opportunity fields were tailored to allow the client to attach photos, and jpegs, creating a visualization tool within the data. Various resources were implemented within the solution to enhance business logic for Composiflex. DNS assisted the client in creating and modifying reports to meet their business needs by utilizing the Report Wizard in Dynamics CRM.

With the implementation, Composiflex gained access to built-in sales reports to measure the activity and performance of their company. Along with the creation and modification of reports, Composiflex gained new reporting tools including prebuilt real-time dashboards, which provides inline data visualization of real time analytics across every stage of their sales cycle.

Composiflex also gained enhanced organizational tools to manage their business including workflows. A specific workflow was created for the company that instructed the information from the sales stage to be copied within the prospect stage, where a report is then run, providing Composiflex with all client data. These step-by-step processes were created to improve productivity within Composiflex’s personal team and organization. The workflow provided Composiflex with a feature to automatically create and assign tasks and activities to staff members by enforcing rules within the solution. This enforced consistency of operations across Composiflex’s sales organization, reducing both training and time.

To ensure that the client is using Dynamics CRM to their maximum capacity, DNS provides ongoing assistance to familiarize their staff with the solution. Composiflex was educated on the new features and tools available within the new solution and were instructed on how to properly use them. DNS continues to provide support with their expertise in managing Composiflex’s solution to validate that all operations are running smoothly and cost effectively.


Dynamics CRM provided Composiflex with a secure solution in a hosted environment. The client gained  a single fully integrated management solution that combines all of the elements of sales force automation from customer tracking to sales analysis. The integration of Dynamics CRM within their Outlook program provided Composiflex with a recognizable interface allowing for rapid user adoption within their team. The company was able to import existing data by utilizing the data import features within CRM, granting full access to the solution and files within minutes.

Composiflex was equipped with report management tools including inline data visualizations, enhancing their ability to manage and track the performance and goals of the company. Within their Dynamics CRM solution, Composiflex has gained enhanced functionality in managing their business process by utilizing the organizational workflow feature This provided the client with the ability to create universal step-by-step processes within their sales team to handle any related sales or marketing tasks. Composiflex was able to efficiently adjust to the new solution with the aid of DNS’s technical experts who continue to provide ongoing assistance and support to ensure the client is proficient in using the solution to their fullest ability.

By implementing Dynamics CRM 2011, Composiflex embraced a solution that provides the necessary tools and features to manage, organize, and track all aspects involved in the composition manufacturing business. With a strong solution installed, Composiflex can continue to focus on providing the innovative and specialized products they are known for.

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