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We understand the importance of having a reliable and secure infrastructure to hold your data and believe that successful business efforts should not involve dropped network connections or maxed out bandwidth. As a hosting provider we are able to offer our clients reliable, flexible, and secure managed solutions within our state-of-the-art data center.

These services include virtualization, enterprise architecture, and server farm hosting. Several levels of virtualization are accomplished at DNS including real-time fail over, backup, and cloud based virtualization. In addition DNS offers Microsoft SQL Server Clustering and server farm hosting for customers with off-site retention and business continuity needs.

As a certified optical fiber broadband reseller for Time Warner Business Class, we also provide bandwidth and failover solutions.

Commercial Hosting competency includes:
  • Hardware and broadband assessments.

  • Configure, purchase and manage server and networking hardware and software licenses for use in a hosted environment.

  • Manage network operation center including emergency power, disaster recovery, HVAC, three layer physical security and access, firewall rules and authorization.

  • Manage optical fiber, copper broadband connections and internet addresses for Local, State and Federal agencies as well as domestic and international corporations.
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