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DNS employs full time Microsoft Certified Application Developers. In addition to Microsoft Certifications, DNS developers hold Bachelors of Science degrees in Software Engineering, Computer Science, and Accounting.

In order to consistently and accurately develop software on time, DNS employs programming methodologies along with various project management, integrated development environment, and software development tools. By utilizing such methodologies we provide consistent documentation and timeframes throughout our engagement with our clients.

When a software project begins, an in-depth analysis, sometimes called a discovery session is performed, to identify the client’s current business processes in order to provide accurate estimates to design the solution that will best meet their needs. We incorporate aspects of agile and extreme programming into our projects by maintaining open lines of communication with the client and developing in sprint cycles to ensure that the project is on track at all times.

This is achieved by maintaining separate environments for development and release candidates, allowing the clients to provide ongoing commentary to verify the status of any configurations and personalizations input within their solution. We remain in contact with our clients throughout the project lifecycle, offering continuous support to ensure optimum performance and satisfaction.

Software competency includes:
  • Participate in and oversee software development and technical integration of two or more information and \or data systems.

  • Employ Extreme Programming (XP) methodology along with various project management tools, integrated development environment and software deployment tools including: TargetProcess, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Team & Enterprise, SVN and Tortoise code repository and ReSharper.







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