No Such Thing as a Free CRM. Here Are 12 reasons Why.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. It’s one of the saddest facts in life. We’ve been asked time and time again about why they should go with Dynamics 365 vs. open source or free CRMs out there today. So, we laid out a few of the basics here.

Free and open source CRM software: What’s the difference?

Free CRM comes in two categories: free but limited (also known as freemium) and open source.

Freemium versions set caps on the number of free users, contacts, storage, and extra features (or some combination thereof).

Open source systems provide an unlimited CRM for users. The caveat? Your small business will need a person (or team) who can install and configure the CRM. Open source systems are extremely customizable, and most open source CRM companies offer a preconfigured version and/or installation and support, for a fee. However, if you don’t have a tech team to support you by adjusting your software’s code to install, configure and upgrade – it might not be the right fit for you. If you don’t have access to cost-effective developer talent, though, and still need an affordable solution, you’ll want to stick with a solution like Dynamics 365, as it not only offers an unlimited and fully functional CRM, but it also comes with partners like DNS to help you customize it the way your business works.

Bottom line:

Free or freemium CRMs give you a teaser of a fully functional CRM, which means you only get the basic Rolodex functionalities of a lead/contact database. However, you will need to pay to access basic functionalities of maintaining and growing your CRM along with your business. Freemiums tend to add up in cost and can get costly with every small addition you make.

Open source is great for those that have a tech team. The reason it is open source is because there are no bells and whistles of tech support — which is more important than you think. Getting your CRM up and running is a technical realm. So if you have developers on deck in your business that can install, configure, maintain, tweak and operate an open source CRM, then it might be worth it to look into for your business.

Why Dynamics 365 then?

The most important thing you need to know about Dynamics 365 is that it helps you bring all your business functionality under one roof, whether it’s seamless connectivity with your email functionality, Office 365 tools, sales force automation, marketing, business intelligence, account management, order management, service improvements, or smooth information flow, Dynamics 365/CRM forms a great part to the overall business strategy of a growing company.

And yes — it can take on and adapt to the pace of growth of your business!

With expertise in building, deploying, and supporting advanced CRM solutions, Microsoft brings about more control over sales process, improved client satisfaction, and greater productivity.

1. Improved operational efficiency

Through the standardization and streamlining of business processes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM dramatically improves operational efficiency.

Its flexible workflow engine enables organizations to automate operations and processes in ways that people can use each day. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can relieve your employees of ordinary but vital work.

It can automate prolonged recurring tasks, warn employees of open client issues, and automatically send important e-mails to clients and partners, so your client orders and requests don’t fall through the cracks.

2. Enhanced customization

Dynamics 365 works the way your organization works with enhanced system customization.

It can be tailored to function the way your company already works or wants to work. Microsoft Dynamics CRM client views, forms, and links can be customized and configured without additional development.

3. Right information to the right people

Given people need given information. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you have the tools to assure that the right data is provided to the right employees—whether they are using web, mobile or MS Outlook.

4. Targeted marketing campaigns

It’s important that your clients know about new products and special offers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a marketing automation tool that simplifies processes like: building lead and client lists, creating campaigns targeted at specific prospects, measuring results and executing follow-ups.

With Dynamics 365 you will always be in touch with the right clients.

5. Simplified service scheduling

One of the most challenging dimensions of offering great customer experience is ensuring you will never let clients down by missing an appointment or service call. Microsoft Dynamics 365  delivers a centralized, all-in-one view of all client service requests and calendars.

Users can easily and promptly match the right service experts to a particular client or type of service request. With Dynamics 365 you can always keep your customers satisfied.

6. Dynamics 365/CRM is built for Outlook

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is able to turn Microsoft Outlook into a single place where you can manage both communications and client data.

Outlook’s collaboration and messaging client is the world’s leading application for client communications. Dynamics 365 CRM enhances the reach of Microsoft Office Outlook by converting it into a tool to manage client information.

It places marketing pitches, lead data, and sales call information into one central location for your marketing and sales people.

7. Seamless Excel integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works closely with Microsoft Excel so organizations can make decisions on the fly.

As you know, Excel is a great tool for turning data into information that can be sorted,  shared, and analyzed. Dynamics 365 integration with Excel allows you to quickly turn client information into Pivot Chart dynamic views or snapshots.

These pictures can help you understand quickly how a market expansion or sales increase can benefit the business.

8. Seamless application and data source integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 holds the power of Microsoft NET Framework and Web services.

It enables companies to integrate isolated, legacy business solutions and applications. Dynamics 365 connects with your third-party applications to help break down information silos:

  • With Email Marketing – personalize emails with CRM data and track recipient tools in Dynamics 365
  • With Surveys – match client satisfaction replies to Dynamics 365 contact records
  • With Websites – import new inquiry forms and make new lead records
  • With Web Tracking – identify which enterprises visit your internet site and track these clicks in Dynamics 365 to uncover new customers and increase website ROI
  • With Financials – access customer order histories & accounting details in Dynamics 365 and send completed orders for processing
  • With Membership Databases – synchronizing renewals and other member information

9. Enhanced communication

Dynamics 365 is designed so you can be efficient both in the office and on the road—even if you are not connected to a network. Data can be filtered so that you receive only the information you need like sales figures or meeting updates.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 improves communications so everyone can be productive regardless of the location. It makes your employees more profitable—wherever they work:

  • Free Mobile Solutions included with Dynamics 365 licenses
  • Stay connected to Dynamics 365 when away from the office
  • Cross web browser support on multiple devices

10. Powerful reporting with Power BI & Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM offers you the power of SQL server reporting. Leveraging the services, you can build insightful business reports. The Microsoft SQL services engine is a mighty analytical tool for every business.

Dynamics 365 embedded analytical tools integrate smoothly with a SQL server to build compelling data reports for managers and decision makers.

It helps you to gain a complete view of your client at any given time and has advanced reporting functionality, which delivers an essential basis for sales planning, marketing investment, and tracking.

11. Connects teams to a single unified solution

Dynamics 365 uses industry-leading technology to encourage better business practices and efficient information exchange throughout your company.

With Dynamics 365, you can promptly analyze marketing and service activities and synchronize and manage sales across all points of contact.

12. Choice of Deployment

You can move to Dynamics 365 seamlessly and quickly by choosing the implementation option that best fits your budget, resources, and business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be implemented in the cloud on-premise for greater control.

13. Scalable database architecture

Dynamics 365 offers you simple tools to customize views, reports, forms, workflow, and security:

  • Reduce custom coding
  • Supports managed solutions for controlled delivery

Dynamics 365 offers you superior performance and flexibility with advanced features, state-of-the-art technology, and a robust architecture built to stand the test of time. It integrates seamlessly with financials and business management solutions as well as linking with office applications and tools.

Regardless of how, when or where your clients, leads, and partners choose to interact with your organization, Dynamics 365 offers you a decisive advantage by delivering comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions to successfully manage these relationships.



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